OCCOM Strength

Great Service:

  1. Provides exceptional customer service in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.
  2. Works 365 days a year, even during weekends and public holidays.
  3. Interacting with customers on multiple platforms (Web Live-Chat, Messenger, Phone, SMS, E-mail and WeChat), instant response to all queries and technical support requests.
  4. 100% Australia-based support team, without diverting to overseas call centres.
  5. Terrific Google Reviews with an excellent rating of 4.9/5, the highest scored ISP in Australia.

Great Partners:

  1. Australia’s Largest Fibre Infrastructure Provider: NBNCo.
  2. Top 4 Broadband Internet Service Providers: Telstra, Optus, Vodafone/TPG and Vocus.
  3. The Largest Private Owned Fibre Infrastructure Provider at ‘Greenfield’ Developments: Opticomm.
  4. Top-Ranked Fibre Infrastructure Providers: OPENetworks, LBNCo.

Great Products:

  1. The most complete fibre coverage and mobile service within Australia.
  2. Unlimited data so customers can stream movies and play games freely.
  3. Sufficient bandwidth, smart and optimised Internet routing, ensuing first-class customer experience.
  4. Large data mobile plans, unlimited local calls, no lock-in contract, low price
  5. More than 60 licensed television channels from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  6. Various phone plans for selection – in addition to an Australian number, we can also provide a unique Chinese number, which is charged as a Chinese local call for people calling from China.