Regardless of whether you are a medium-sized organisation, or corporate enterprise in Australia, having dedicated enterprise grade internet services from providers who manage and operate data infrastructure will accelerate the speed of your business. Our business Internet and business wifi service can leverage mobility to increase your organisation’s capabilities. Other than that, our business phone service with unified communication platform empowers you to connect and communicate.

Occom’s Australian based engineers monitor services 24/7 to ensure that your network keeps running smoothly.

We understand that your business has a unique profile thus, one size may not fit all. From fibre and Wi-Fi connectivity to business phone systems, you only select what your business needs, we always have an option to suit your business.



    While service and amenities play an important role, the availability of complimentary high speed hotel WiFi internet and ideal Wi-Fi coverage can make guests satisfied.

Student Lodge

    With connectivity supporting the network-enabled solutions such as cloud based security systems and robust Wi-Fi networks, student accommodation can now deliver first-rate online experiences for both their students and staff alike.

student lodge


    Occom aims to create a fast reliable network to entire campus to allow students to access the internet no matter wherever they are. Therefore, a good Wi-Fi coverage is not only restricted to classrooms but also all areas in the campus.

Public Wi-Fi

    Always assume that a public Wi-Fi network is not secure. Occom’s public wifi implement a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) environment to keep your business protected.


Conference Centre

    With Occom’s internet connectivity and wifi coverage in your conference centre, public area, municipal or event centre, your attendees will experience a stable and reliable Wi-Fi service.


    Symmetrical speeds allows access equal upload and download speeds and choose from a range of bandwidth options for connectivity that’s tailored to your needs in the office.


Restaurants / Cafes / Pubs / Clubs

    Come for the Wi-Fi, stay for a meal. Attract customers to your venue with free wifi. All you need is to set up a reliable Wi-Fi system and watch new visitors roll in.

Car Park Wi-Fi

    Underground car parks completely block mobile signal and it is becoming a significant problem as society rely on internet nowadays. With Occom’s car park Wi-Fi solution, you can always get connected even you’re in underground car parks.

Car Park
Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre/Retail

    Power your customer experience no matter in store or online. Get in touch with customer through instant LiveChat and social media, even give yourself peace of mind with Static IP address which allows you easily access to store’s security camera.

Plan inclusions and prices advertised may not be available at all addresses. The service qualification address check is only a preliminary result of plans and prices available in your area.

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