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The Build-To-Rent sector is rapidly gaining momentum in Australia, making it crucial for BTR projects to distinguish themselves from the competition. A key amenity that BTR developers could incorporate into their structures is the provision of ultra-high-speed broadband.

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  • Amenity is a crucial factor for the success of Build-To-Rent projects, extending beyond just the perfect location.
  • With an increasing number of Australians working from home, fast and reliable internet connectivity has become an essential feature, not just a desired one.
  • This high-speed internet connectivity is crucial for attracting and retaining the appropriate tenants.
  • For Build-To-Rent developers, the cost and complexity of implementing and maintaining high-quality internet connectivity can significantly affect a project's profitability.

Customised Support & Clear

  • Provide timely information to you to ensure we can both seamlessly manage the process of onboarding, changing or upgrading network.
  • Occom provides a solution to this, offering this essential amenity, thereby eliminating both the associated cost and hassle.
  • These operational complexities can increase due to the integration of high-grade internet connectivity.

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Good reputation and outstanding customer feedback. Occom has 4.9/5 stars on Google Reviews - the highest score of any Internet Service Provider in Australia.


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