No Customer Data Impacted in Opticomm Data Breach

No Customer Data Impacted in Opticomm Data Breach

Sydney, NSW – 11 April 2024 – OCCOM is aware of the recent data breach affecting one of our network providers, Opticomm. We understand the seriousness of this situation and want to assure our valued customers that no OCCOM customer was impacted by this incident.

“Our customers’ data security is always our absolute priority,” said Noad Auckburally, Head of Communications. “We have always maintained the highest standards when it comes to the security of our customers’ information. Following the Opticomm data breach, we can confirm that no OCCOM customers have been impacted.”

While OCCOM customers are not affected, the company encourages everyone to remain vigilant about online security:

  • Change Passwords: Update account passwords, especially if reused across services.
  • Be Aware of Phishing: Don’t click suspicious links or provide personal details without verifying the source.

For any questions or assistance, please contact OCCOM at 1300 299 999 or OCCOM will continue to monitor the situation and remains committed to protecting our customers’ data.