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Perfect for Everyone

Whether a renter living alone or a large family, we’ve got a plan for you. Working from home, online learning, video streaming, low latency gaming – we can cover all this and more.

Highest Speeds

Having stable and reliable internet speeds is a must. Our higher bandwidth and smart routing ensure that your fast speeds don’t drop.

Flexible Terms, Fairly Priced

We have many tiers of OptiComm fibre plans, and no lock-in contract if you like. Most of our fibre plans are unlimited and competitively priced so you can get the best deal from us.

Australian Owned, Professional Team

Knowledgeable technical team. Multichannel support, instant feedback, no wait time. We provide onsite support when needed, and our technicians live just around the corner.

4.9/5 Rating Speaks for Itself

Occom receives the highest ratings of all ISPs in Australia, with 4.9/5 stars on Google. We pride ourselves on the dedicated customer service that earned us these glowing reviews.

Many Choices for WiFi Modems

A powerful modem is crucial to your speed. Our thoroughly tested modems are of the world’s best brands and tailored for Aussies. Choose one pre-configured router from Occom, plug and play, or BYO. Not tech savvy? We can help!

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Suitable for basic needs
  • Unlimited Data
  • Typical Evening Speed
  • 10.8 Mbps
  • -
$56.88 /mth*
  • Bargain!


Good for households with multiple devices
  • Unlimited Data
  • Typical Evening Speed
  • 22.5 Mbps
  • $64.88/mth
$59.88 /mth*
for 6 months, then $64.88/mth

Boost Plus

Great all-rounder
  • Unlimited Data
  • Typical Evening Speed
  • 45 Mbps
  • $69.88/mth
$64.88 /mth*
for 6 months, then $69.88/mth


4K streaming, online gaming
  • Unlimited Data
  • Typical Evening Speed
  • 90 Mbps
  • $89.88/mth
$79.88 /mth*
for 6 months, then $89.88/mth
  • HOT!


4K streaming, Gaming, fast download
  • Unlimited Data
  • Typical Evening Speed
  • 216 Mbps
  • $129.88/mth
$109.88 /mth*
for 6 months, then $129.88/mth


The fastest you can get
  • 2TB/mth
  • The fastest plan
  • at your address
  • $149.88/mth
$129.88 /mth*
for 6 months, then $149.88/mth

*Valid only for new OptiComm subscribers for the first 6 months after signup. In the 7th month, price will return to original levels. Occom reserves the right of all final interpretations. Offer ends on 30/09/2022.

Contract Terms

24 Month Contract

$0 Activation Fee

12 Month Contract

$49 Activation Fee

6 Month Contract

$69 Activation Fee

No Lock-in Contract

$89 Activation Fee
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OptiComm Broadband Plan

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One-off Cost

Activation Fee -0

Router Fee -0

Monthly Cost

0per month

*Discounted price for 6 months, then 0 /mth ongoing.

Min Charge: 0

Additional one off $300 OptiComm New Development Charge applies if your premises is identified by OptiComm as being within the site boundary of a new development or requiring a VDSL Connection.

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Five-Star Rating Speaks for Itself!
Based on 3516 reviews
Based on 3516 reviews
sachini anurasiri
sachini anurasiri
03:49 02 Apr 22
Would like to appreciate Edwin for assisting me with my router set up today. He was so patient and guided me through every step patiently. He was happy to assist me and was so calm. The set up was done within few minutes all thanks to his in dept knowledge and detailed guidance. Thanks to Edwin, I have my internet at my new home up and running without spending hours on the phone. Thanks Edwin for your support. Keep up the good work and your commitment towards providing exceptional customer service.
23:18 09 Jan 22
Highly recommended. Thank you for the great service. Mia was such a great help. I am not very good with technology but Mia made it a lot easier for me to connect to this service. Would recommend to anyone. It pays to shop around.
Miles Batten
Miles Batten
08:08 14 Dec 21
Doris helped me today. Fantastic! Wasn,t an easy fix but had all the answers! So awesome. Can't recommend enough!Mia was very helpful and knowledgeable and quickly answered all my queries. She was fantastic!!! 😊
Hao Ding
Hao Ding
08:08 28 Sep 21
Book your moving date and it only took a few hours to get the network set up and running. Customer service staff are very patient, with rich professional knowledge and problem-solving experience, can help customers to solve problems quickly and perfectly. They will guide you step by step . Don not worry if you do not have any IT skill. They also can speak different languages , give a try .Highly recommended, worthy of choice!
Steve Ebbage
Steve Ebbage
07:58 14 Jul 21
Have used OCCOM for over 3 years now and haven't had any issues. Have also just moved home and had a couple of issues with my set up that Doris was more than happy to help with and fixed quickly. Fees were also removed as I have been a longer term customer which is another reason to stick with them. Excellent service and would highly recommend
03:39 03 May 21
communicated with the customer service on Saturday morning about my situation, and after placing an order in the morning, the network was connected in the afternoon. The communication with the customer service was very pleasant, and the customer service was also very professional and gave me a lot of help. So far, the network is very good. Well, I am also looking forward to their special line in China.
Susana Lopez
Susana Lopez
04:14 23 Mar 21
Quick and very good service. They connected the service on the next day I made the request and they helped me on the chat to configure my own modem. The price is good. Everything was quick and easy. I highly recommend OCCOM to everybody.
NATASHA Westropp
NATASHA Westropp
23:22 09 Feb 21
Spoke with the lovely Nick - exceeded all expectations! Nick helped resolve an issue that would've impacted my day quite heavily so I'm very appreciative. I wanted to acknowledge his excellent customer service, product knowledge and hard work. Thank you Nick!
Jimmy Chau
Jimmy Chau
06:03 27 Jan 21
Recently signed up to OCCOM and had issues getting the connection working. Was able to get in touch with Young via web chat and he was able to work with me through several different options and in the we managed to get it working. I appreciate how patient, helpful and responsive Young was throughout the entire experience. Hopefully future experiences will be just as pleasant!
Behzad Jamali
Behzad Jamali
03:20 20 Dec 20
Started using OCCOM from today. So far it has been a great customer service. The technical support through online chat was efficient and quick. Brought in my own router and they guided me step by step how to set it up. The technician Alex was very helpful.

Frequently asked questions about OptiComm plans

OptiComm is one of Australia’s biggest Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) wholesale network infrastructure carriers, who provide fibre connections to new homes, apartments and business buildings. OptiComm designs, builds, operates and maintains fixed line access, fibre-based telecommunications networks, much like NBNCo does. Opticomm operates an open access telecommunications wholesale service in Australia and have been building fibre infrastructure since 2007. In the open access system, internet service providers (also known as retail service providers) such as Occom purchase bandwidth from wholesale providers (e.g. OptiComm) and deliver internet services to end users.
One of the main differences between OptiComm and NBNCo is the connection technology they use. OptiComm uses FTTP(Fibre to the Premises) technology in most of their projects . FTTP exclusively uses fibre optic cables, enabling the fastest speeds in Australia. FTTP benefits from the higher capacity of a full fibre connection, and will have a more stable connection and speed in general. However, in addition to FTTP, NBNCo also adopts other technologies like a combination of fibre and copper (FTTC, FTTN/B) or fibre and coaxial cable (HFC). FTTC, FTTN/B and HFC technologies may slow down and become unstable during instances of poor weather.
Various speed tiers are available for OptiComm’s fibre internet connections. Opticomm’s broadband plans have maximum download speeds of 12 Megabit per second(Mbps), 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 250 Mbps or 1000 Mbps(1Gbps). Currently, the 1Gbps Lightning Plan is the highest internet speed available to residences in Australia. Occom is one of the few OptiComm service providers who can provide the 1Gbps Plan. Customers are able to choose between these plans depending on their speed preference.
Usually Opticomm will be found servicing new or recently developed apartments, estates and communities. In most cases, OptiComm will be the sole fibre provider for a residence, and you will not be able to use NBNCo or other companies’ fibre in OptiComm serviced properties. If you are uncertain about whether OptiComm services your property, our support team will help you check. Even if your residence is not covered by OptiComm, we will help you find the best solution and get you connected quickly and efficiently.
The termination equipment in any telecommunications carrier’s network is called a Optical Network Terminal (ONT). This device may also be referred to as a “fibre box” at times, and some companies may confusingly refer to the ONT by a different name such as NTU (Network Termination Unit). OptiComm refers to this device as the ONT. This device takes the data transmitted from fibre optic cables and converts it to electronic signals that your router can use. In the case of Opticomm’s Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) networks, one ONT can support more than one active internet service.
The New Development Charge is a fee charged for all connections made in areas that the fibre infrastructure provider (e.g. OptiComm) have identified as within the boundary of a new development. Essentially, it means if fibre internet has never been used at a property before, this one-time fee will be charged to the end user no matter which internet service provider is used. The implementation of this fee was a decision made by the Australian government to offset part of the fibre infrastructure’s cost onto “the parties that use or benefit from them”. Service providers (including Occom) charge this fee on behalf of the upstream fibre provider (e.g. OptiComm) when the internet service is activated.
Occom is a top-rated OptiComm service provider in Australia, rated 4.9/5 stars from over 1500 Google reviews. Occom has higher bandwidth and smart internet routing to ensure we provide the speeds we promise. On top of that Occom offers flexible, affordable plans and a selection of hand-picked modems from the world’s best brands. Our customer service team will be glad to help with configuration if you wish to BYO. We are proud of our fantastic customer reviews, and strive to provide the services and customer support to meet the highest standards. No matter if you’re renting a studio, a student sharing a flat in Melbourne, a big suburban family up in Sydney’s north shore or doing home office in Brisbane/Adelaide. we’ve got a perfect internet solution that you’ll love.