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Check if your service is currently experiencing planned maintenance or unplanned network outage. If there is no notification and you're experiencing difficulties, please contact our support team.

NSW & ACT - Services -  LBNCo Emergency Maintenance
Start Date&Time:00:00 AM, Tuesday, 19/10/2021
End Date&Time:04:00 AM, Tuesday, 19/10/2021
Description:LBNCo wishes to advise there will be an emergency maintenance affecting all services in NSW & ACT during the time slot above. The maintenance is carried out to improve network performance.
Locations Affected:NSW & ACT
  • Please DO NOT change anything on your end or reset your modem/router. Service will automatically connect back once this maintenance is completed.
  • If your service is not working properly after the maintenance is finished, please simply turn off the modem, and then turn it on (please do not press the reset button).
  • If the service still doesn’t work, please kindly advise us so that we can investigate your case individually.
  • If you happen to reset the modem/router to factory default settings, you will need to re-configure it using the provided PPPoE username/password enclosed with Service Activation Notice email.
NSW - Warriewod - LBNCo Planned Maintenance
Start Date&Time:06:00 am, 19/10/2021
End Date&Time:09:00 am, 19/10/2021
Description:LBNCo wishes to advise there will be a network maintenance to improve network performance and resiliency during the time slot listed. The Internet service will have a dropout during the maintenance.
Locations Affected:16-18 Boondah Road, Warriewod, NSW 2102
2-6 Firetail Drive, Warriewod, NSW 2102
79 Macpherson Street, Warriewod, NSW 2102
1-9 Mallard Lane, Warriewod, NSW 2102
  • Please do not reset your router/modem, the service will be recovered after the outage is fixed.
  • If you have received our restoration notice however unable connect back, please only power off and on your fibre device and modem/router.
  • If you accidentally press the reset button, please configure the router with the pppoe information in your activation email.
  • If issue persists after rebooting, please feel free to contact us. We apologies for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.

Outage Notice

NSW – OPENetworks Network Maintenance
Start Date&Time:Fri, 22/05/2020 01:00AM AEST
End Date&Time:Fri, 22/05/2020 06:00AM AEST
Description:OPENetworks will be performing network maintenance.
Locations Affected:All NSW OPENetworks
Outage:An interruption for up to 20 minutes for Broadband services at all OPENetworks NSW sites
  • If you are unable to connect back, please power off and on your fibre device and modem/router. Please DO NOT factory reset your modem/router.
  • If issue persists after rebooting, please contact us for further diagnose