Occom, the top-rated Internet Service Provider specialising in providing high-speed Internet access with fast, stable, secure and managed connection. It delivers the speed and reliability you need to handle today’s most demanding data and help you better connect with your employees and customers, which will compliment your operation and grow your business.

Typical Scenarios

Hospitality (Hotel/Suite/Resorts/Holiday Park…)

  • Deliver reliable and fast internet to guests and staff.
  • Provide Wi-Fi coverage ideal for high-density deployment.
  • Support streaming service for hotel guests.
  • Make it easy to manage a scalable network for hotel.
  • Monitor the network at any time and anywhere to ensure the best internet service possible.
  • Fully integration with PMS (Property Management System).

Education (Student Lodge/Campus/Student Hubs…)

  • Deliver high-performance, reliable Wi-Fi for high-density environments.
  • Create powerful indoor and outdoor wireless connections.
  • Maximise wireless coverage for seamless connectivity.
  • Deliver unprecedented bandwidth via fibre.
  • Deliver high-performance Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Create a fast and reliable network to help keep digital classrooms lag-free.
  • Fully Integration with SMS (Student Management System) system.


Public WiFi/Municipal

  • Maximise wireless performance in a high-density location.
  • Provide wireless coverage all public areas.
  • Deliver reliable wireless Internet access to meeting areas.
  • Cloud-based controller enables easy remote management and limited on-site involvement for troubleshooting and support.

Conference Centre/Event

  • Deliver wireless internet throughout the widespread event site.
  • Provide excellent wireless coverage at a cost-effective price.
  • Deliver reliable, high performance voice and data services.
  • Obtain added bandwidth on an as-needed basis to support wifi-coverage and event requirements, such as live streaming and video conference calls.
  • Integrate an intuitive broadcast system.


Commercial (Office/Warehouse)

  • Deliver reliable high-performance Wi-Fi for technicians.
  • Quick and easy device installation and configuration via intuitive management software.
  • Help simplify day-to-day management of the network.
  • Support bandwidth-heavy apps and growing number of users and devices.

Solution Highlight

Fast & Stable

  • High performance and consistent network
  • Business-critical applications running with great reliability
  • High-performing wireless network
  • Top-brand Network Devices


  • Secure with encryption
  • Centralised authentication
  • Intrusion detection
  • Secure guest WiFi network
  • Access and traffic management
  • Web content filtering


  • Comprehensive solution for network administrators
  • Easy-to-use management interface when number of users and devices growing
  • Automatic optimisation for the ultimate availability
  • Network monitoring
  • Full visibility of your network’s performance
Tailored Solution

Tailored Solution

  • Discuss your business goals with our Business Advisory Team
  • Tailored network design to meet the business demands
  • High performance yet cost effective solution
  • Fully Integration with your existing system (Property Management System, Student Management System…)

Why Occom?

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Good reputation and outstanding customer feedback. Occom has 4.9/5 stars on Google Reviews - the highest score of any Internet Service Provider in Australia.


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Rapid setup and activation, prompt responses on Telephone, Email, SMS, LiveChat, WeChat, WhatsApp and Line support to give instant feedback to customers’ queries.

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A one-stop Service and Experience: Solution Design & Delivery, Business Internet & Telephone, Wi-Fi equipment, Hardware & Software Support and Deployment

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