Additional Charge

Additional ChargePrice (incl.GST)
Static IP Address$10.00 per month
Dishonored Fee$6.00
Direct Debit Rejections Fee$6.00
Chargeback Fee$44.00
Late Payment Fee$20.00
Fee when a fault raised to the Carrier is not found on the Carrier’s network$165.00
Greenfields Installation$300.00 - $330.00
Order Withdrawal$50.00
Late Cancellation of Appointment or Missed Appointment$90.00
OptiComm Missed Appointment Fee$88.18 plus GST
On site support Labor Rate (Charge based on distance to on site addresses (Min $120))$120.00
Fee per hour for an incorrect call out (Charge based on Time on Site (Min $150))$220.00
Early Termination Fee$99.00
Plan change fee - Upgrade$0.00
Plan change fee - Downgrade$50.00
Fee for end user contacting Telstra/OPTUS Fault Desk directly$100.00
Modem Delivery Fee$18.00/$20.00(Express)
Paper Bill$10.00 per bill
Relocation Fee$99/$199