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Perfect for Everyone

Whether a renter living alone or a large family, we’ve got a plan for you. Working from home, online learning, video streaming, low latency gaming – we can cover all this and more.

Highest Speeds

Having stable and reliable internet speeds is a must. Our higher bandwidth and smart routing ensure that your fast speeds don’t drop.

Flexible Terms, Fairly Priced

We have many tiers of RedTrain fibre plans, and no lock-in contract if you like. Most of our fibre plans are unlimited and competitively priced so you can get the best deal from us.

Australian Owned, Professional Team

Knowledgeable technical team. Multichannel support, instant feedback, no wait time. We provide onsite support when needed, and our technicians live just around the corner.

4.9/5 Rating Speaks for Itself

Occom receives the highest ratings of all ISPs in Australia, with 4.9/5 stars on Google. We pride ourselves on the dedicated customer service that earned us these glowing reviews.

Many Choices for WiFi Modems

A powerful modem is crucial to your speed. Our thoroughly tested modems are of the world’s best brands and tailored for Aussies. Choose one pre-configured router from Occom, plug and play, or BYO. Not tech savvy? We can help!

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Suitable for basic needs
  • Unlimited Data
  • Typical Evening Speed
  • 10.8 Mbps
$56.88 /mth


Good for households with multiple devices
  • Unlimited Data
  • Typical Evening Speed
  • 22.5 Mbps
$64.88 /mth

Boost Plus (fibre50)

Great all-rounder
  • Unlimited Data
  • Typical Evening Speed
  • 45 Mbps
$69.88 /mth


4K streaming, online game
  • Unlimited Data
  • Typical Evening Speed
  • 90 Mbps
$89.88 /mth
  • Hot!


4K streaming, Gaming, fast download
  • Unlimited Data
  • Typical Evening Speed
  • 216 Mbps
$129.88 /mth
Step 3: Contract Terms

24 Month Contract

$0 Activation Fee

12 Month Contract

$49 Activation Fee

6 Month Contract

$69 Activation Fee

No Lock-in Contract

$89 Activation Fee
Step 4: Select Router

A Occom wifi router is installed in my premise

I need a modem/router from Occom. 

I have my own modem/router

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RedTrain Broadband Plan

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One-off Cost

Activation Fee -0

Router Fee -0

Monthly Cost

0per month

*Discounted price for 6 months, then 0 /mth ongoing.

Min Charge: 0

RedTrain may charge a $300 New Development Fee if your premises is identified as being within the site boundary of a new development. RedTrain will contact you directly for the charge before activating the NTD and Internet service for you.

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Five-Star Rating Speaks for Itself!
Based on 7501 reviews
Based on 7501 reviews
11:45 12 Apr 24
Their product is very easy to use. I was particularly impressed with the customer service representative, Chaney, who responded to my questions patiently and promptly, even at 9:30 PM.
Amir Shahi
Amir Shahi
05:26 25 Mar 24
I've been with OCCOM for more than 2 years and will most likely be for the next 20. Quality of service is top-notch, network reliability is excellent and their local customer services is always there to help. Wait times? less than a minute. Definitely recommend these guys.
01:22 18 Mar 24
Overall good service with almost no dropouts or other issues. Always easy to cover and obtain assistance from their customer care but the wait times are horrible. Also special mention to Naresh who was accommodating and honest with the communication.
Achelois Ryuu
Achelois Ryuu
02:19 10 Mar 24
Elsa has provided exceptional assistance throughout the morning, demonstrating patience and attentiveness while guiding me through the step-by-step process of setting up my router and internet connection. She has proven to be reliable and knowledgeable, ensuring a seamless and efficient setup experience. Her dedication and expertise are commendable. Thank you for the excellent service!! Special thanks to Elsa highly appreciated!! 🥹❤️
Wendi Fu
Wendi Fu
11:23 07 Mar 24
An incredible service team, always respond to me in a short time. I’d like to give a special thanks to Willie, who helped me with patience until 10 pm and gave useful suggestions that finally solved the problem of my network.
Booskie Shipnurat
Booskie Shipnurat
03:18 04 Mar 24
Davvy is such a helpful person, he try to sort the problem as quick as he can which it has be done in /0 minutes . I chat last Saturday for help took me 4 and half hours but still couldn’t fixed it and that guy hung up on me. Davvy has wonderful service. Big thanks to him 👏
Qiaoli Wang (Zoe)
Qiaoli Wang (Zoe)
03:51 25 Feb 24
Huge thanks to Willie for his outstanding help with my TP-Link setup! After my old model broke, he was incredibly patient, guiding me through buying and setting up a new one. Everything works perfectly now. Highly recommend his services for anyone needing tech support!
Pascal Dominic
Pascal Dominic
23:30 23 Feb 24
I’ve been with Occom since 2020 when it used to be a smaller company run by 2,3 guys. They’ve now expanded and compared to other company, their services, level of attention and dedication are on par to how it used to be! Even better!They are the most friendly, supportive and patient people ever. I could name 10 persons who helped throughout the last 4 years but always exceptional and impeccable!An enormous THANK YOU for servicing Australia!
04:12 21 Feb 24
I feel very happy to communicate with Ingrid, I don’t know how to install, connect the router at all, but she’s pretty patient. I send photos to her and she told me how to operate step by step so that I can easily set up my network
Kexin (Angela) Liao
Kexin (Angela) Liao
07:31 16 Feb 24
I had really good experience with Tom! He is very patient and quick response to all questions that I asked. Everything sorted out very quickly, and it was above my expectations. Thank you so much for the help!

Frequently asked questions about RedTrain plans

RedTrain is an Australian wholesale carrier, who is experienced in designing, deployment and management of fibre network infrastructure. RedTrain designs, builds, operates and maintains fixed line access, fibre-based telecommunications networks, much like NBNCo does. RedTrain operates an open access telecommunications wholesale service in Australia and has been building fibre infrastructure. In the open access system, internet service providers (also known as retail service providers) such as Occom purchase bandwidth from wholesale providers (e.g. RedTrain) and deliver internet services to end users.
One of the main differences between RedTrain and NBNCo is the connection technology they use. RedTrain uses FTTP(Fibre to the Premises) technology in most of their projects. FTTP exclusively uses fibre optic cables, enabling the fastest speeds in Australia. FTTP benefits from the higher capacity of a full fibre connection, and will have a more stable connection and speed in general. However, in addition to FTTP, NBNCo also adopts other technologies like a combination of fibre and copper (FTTC, FTTN/B) or fibre and coaxial cable (HFC). FTTC, FTTN/B and HFC technologies may slow down and become unstable during instances of poor weather.
Various speed tiers are available for RedTrain’s fibre internet connections. RedTrain’s broadband plans have maximum download speeds of 12 Megabit per second(Mbps), 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 250 Mbps. Customers are able to choose between these plans depending on their speed preference.
Usually RedTrain will be found servicing new or recently developed apartments, estates and communities. In most cases, RedTrain will be the sole fibre provider for a residence, and you will not be able to use NBNCo or other companies’ fibre in RedTrain serviced properties. If you are uncertain about whether RedTrain services your property, our support team will help you check. Even if your residence is not covered by RedTrain, we will help you find the best solution and get you connected quickly and efficiently.
The termination equipment in any telecommunications carrier’s network is called a Optical Network Terminal (ONT). This device may also be referred to as a “fibre box” at times, and some companies may confusingly refer to the ONT by a different name such as NTU (Network Termination Unit). RedTrain refers to this device as the ONT. This device takes the data transmitted from fibre optic cables and converts it to electronic signals that your router can use. In the case of RedTrain’s Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) networks, one ONT can support more than one active internet service.
The New Development Charge is a fee charged for all connections made in areas that the fibre infrastructure provider (e.g. RedTrain) have identified as within the boundary of a new development. Essentially, it means if fibre internet has never been used at a property before, this one-time fee will be charged to the end user no matter which internet service provider is used. The implementation of this fee was a decision made by the Australian government to offset part of the fibre infrastructure’s cost onto “the parties that use or benefit from them”. RedTrain may charge a $300 New Development Fee if your premises is identified as being within the site boundary of a new development. RedTrain will contact you directly for the charge before activating the NTD and Internet service for you.
Occom is a top-rated RedTrain service provider in Australia, rated 4.9/5 stars from over 1500 Google reviews. Occom has higher bandwidth and smart internet routing to ensure we provide the speeds we promise. On top of that Occom offers flexible, affordable plans and a selection of hand-picked modems from the world’s best brands. Our customer service team will be glad to help with configuration if you wish to BYO. We are proud of our fantastic customer reviews, and strive to provide the services and customer support to meet the highest standards.