International Call Rate

International Call Rates & Roaming


What is International Roaming?

International Roaming allows you to use some of your mobile phone services overseas. You can use your Australian number to make and receive calls, send and receive texts and use data while you are overseas.

International Roaming charges are much higher than domestic call charges. Charges also apply for receiving calls. International Roaming charges are not included to your plan inclusions, so you’ll be charged for all your International Roaming call, text, and data usage.


How to activate international roaming?

Your service is for use in Australia only. By default, international roaming is disabled. However, you can enable the international roaming by contacting over via call at 1300 299 999 or our livechat before going overseas.

To activate this service, you must make a prepayment of $500. Also, please understand when you are overseas and your mobile prepayment reaches less than $100, Occom will automatically top up your balance to $500.

Due to time zone difference, overseas carriers’ network and many other factors your usage is not updated in real time and may lag from 21 to upto 30 days, so in order to minimize the cost, it is highly recommended to use WIFI wherever possible.

Any unused prepayment will be credited back to your bank account 30 days after you request to disable your international roaming service. As there is a lag of 21-30 days, this step is essential to ensure, you have been charged correctly.


International Call Rates


 TypeZone 1 (incl.GST)Zone 2 (incl.GST)
National Voice Calls within the same country (per minute)National Voice Calls$0.1478$2.2176
International Voice Calls outside the country you are in (per minute)International Voice Calls$0.1478$2.2176
To receive Voice Calls (per minute)Receive Voice Calls$0.1478$2.2176
National Video Calls within the same country (per minute)-$0.1478$2.2176
International Video Calls outside the country you are in (per minute)-$0.1478$2.2176
To receive Video Calls (per minute)-$0.1478$2.2176
Connection Charge (per outgoing Voice and Video call)Flag Fall - Connection Fee$0.0000$0.0000
SMS to an Australian number (per 160 characters)SMS$0.0444$0.7392
SMS to a non-Australian number (per 160 characters)SMS$0.0444$0.7392
To receive SMSSMS$0.0000$0.0000
MMS to an Australian number (per message)-Standard domestic MMS rate + Data @
Standard domestic MMS rate + Data @ $1.584
MMS to a non-Australian number (per message)-Standard domestic MMS rate + Data @
Standard international MMS rate + Data @
To receive MMS (per MB)Data / 1MB$0.0310$1.4784
GPRS / 3G /4G DataData / 1MB$0.0310$1.4784


Zone 1 Countries

Hong KongIcelandIndiaIreland
JapanMalaysiaMexicoNew Zealand
NorwayPuerto RicoRomaniaSingapore
South KoreaSwedenUnited KingdomUSA



Zone 2 Countries


BermudaKazakhstanSan Marino
BoliviaLaosSaudi Arabia
CambodiaLuxembourgSouth Africa
Cayman IslandsMacauSri Lanka
Costa RicaMaltaSwaziland
Czech RepublicNamibiaTurkmenistan
DenmarkNepalUnited Arab Emirates
Dominican RepublicNorthern Mariana IslandsUruguay
Faroe IslandsPanamaVietnam



How to contact Occom from overseas?

You may contact Occom Network via It is highly recommended that you talk with us online via our livechat to make online enquiry as, you will be charged with per-minute voice calling charges which is expensive.

What to do if your mobile phone has been lost/stolen?

If your SIM card or mobile phone is lost or stolen, you must contact us immediately. You can visit our website for assistance. This call will be charged at the normal international rate from that country's service provider to Australia.

You need to notify us as soon as possible if you lost your sim as you are responsible for all charges for calls made using the lost or stolen SIM, up until the time you notify us that your SIM card has been lost or stolen and we bar outgoing calls, suspend the service or activate IMEI blocking.


Is my bill payment affected while I’m overseas?

No, your bills will be paid as usual while you are away.

You must ensure you have enough funds in your account on the due debit date or a $6 dishonour fee would be applicable.


How can I access my bill?

A digital version of the invoice will be sent on 10th of each month in your provided email address, until you opted for the paper bill.


When will I be refunded for my International Roaming prepayment?

Any unused prepayment will be credited back to your bank account 30 days after you notify us on return to Australia. As there is a lag of 21-30 days, this step is essential to ensure, you have been charged correctly.

Why have I been charged twice for one SMS I sent while overseas?

When you are overseas, each SMS you send has two components-international and local component which is displayed on your bill separately.


How do I enable or disable international roaming?

You can contact us , via call at 1300 299 99 or via our livechat . We can enable or disable international roaming upon your request.


How would I be charged if I make a phone call to another roaming enabled number which is not a local number in the country I am currently in?

It will be considered as an International Number even if the call recipient number is an Australian number, hence, you will be charged with the International Call rate for Roaming.