$1 15 Days Terms and Conditions for NBN services

$1 15 Days Terms and Conditions for NBN services

Occom’s $1 15-day use means that you will only pay $1 to enjoy a 15-day fast internet journey with Occom’s NBN service. You won’t have to pay the total monthly price before you decide to let Occom get in charge of your internet, and there won’t be paying and refunding back and forth.

We have listed the details of this offer below. If you have any questions, uncertainties, or concerns about how this will apply to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 200 999 or email sales@occom.com.au

1. If you upgrade or downgrade within the 15-day period, the rest of the promotion period will still apply but the total duration of $1 promotion will not exceed 15 days. For downgrade requests, a $50 downgrade fee will apply as normal. Please refer to the critical information summary: occom.com.au/terms/CIS/CIS_OCCOM_NBN_Unlimited.pdf

2. The 15-day period will commence from the day your NBN service is activated on the network, which is when you will receive an email to confirm your activation date. Please note this is not 15 days after you plug in the modem. From the 16th day, Occom will charge the first-month monthly fee.

3. If you wish to cancel the service within the 15-day period, no cancellation fee will apply but the minimum 30-day usage condition still applies. Any cancellation requests received after the 15-day period will be processed in accordance with the existing cancellation process (30-day notice). Please refer to the critical information summary if you cancel after the 15-day use: occom.com.au/terms/CIS/CIS_OCCOM_NBN_Unlimited.pdf

4. Other fees, including the following (a) to (c) will be charged in the 15-day period:
a. Any modem charge. If you choose to buy a modem (rather than BYO, or ‘bring your own), the modem won’t be refundable, other than your rights regarding the Australian Consumer Law (for instance, it’s faulty). The modems provided by Occom are unlocked and able to work with other NBN service providers.
b. Any NBN New Development Charge or NBN New Copper Pair Charge. NBN charges this fee before the service is activated.
c. Any additional charges outside the base monthly plan fee, such as static IP, onsite support, incorrect call out charge, etc.
d. These fees will not be refunded if the customer requests to cancel either within or after the 15-day period.

5. The $1 15-day use is only applicable to new Occom NBN customers who are connecting with Occom for the first time. Properties previously connected with Occom is not eligible for this offer.

6. The $1 15-day use does not apply to Business plans, Home Phone Plans, Mobile Plans, or other fibre plans. (e.g. OptiComm, LBNCo, OPENetworks and RedTrain)

7. The $1 15-day NBN use is strictly subject to these terms and conditions listed above. The terms and conditions may change, and the 15-day use also may cease.