EasyMesh Compatible

Easily create whole mesh Wi-Fi and experience seamless connections with EasyMesh.

Parental Controls

Filter online content, control access times, and track internet activity for your family.

WPA3 Encryption

Provide more secure encryption and brute-force protection with WPA3.


Increase overall client throughput and traffic capacity with MU-MIMO.

TP-Link Aginet Unified Cloud (TAUC)

Easily manage, monitor, and deploy Wi-Fi routers, DECO, and PON products with TAUC.


Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6
Provides Theoretical Speeds up to 1800 Mbps

5 GHz

The 5GHz frequency band supports Wi-Fi 6,
Fast and smooth 4K HD video streaming, and gaming.

2.4 GHz

The 2.4GHz frequency band covers a wide range,
Smart doorbell, smart door lock, sweeping robot,
Smart switch...
The smart devices in the whole house are
connected to a high-speed and stable Internet.


Signal Directional Output
More than 250 Devices can be Connected*

Beamforming technology and high-performance antennas Work-together to
maximize WiFi coverage in your home and focus signal strength towards each device.
Automatically lock the terminal position for allowing connection to more than 250 devices*;
Wi-Fi signal is directional, enhancing the signal towards mobile
phones and computers, providing network services without delay.

*Connections for over 250+ devices theoretically


Easy Mesh WiFi Dead-Zone Killer

Powered by EasyMesh™ for all-around coverage, eliminate signal dead zones once and for all!
Create wider and more flexible smart wireless networks.


Creating a Seamless Wi-Fi

All units work together to form one unified network. When you move through your home, your mobile device automatically connects to the fastest unit, creating a seamless Wi-Fi experience.


Easy to Set Up and Use

You can set up your device in minutes,
whether you prefer the intuitive Aginet app or the powerful web interface.


TP-Link Aginet Unified Cloud (TAUC):
End-to-End Management System for ISPs

TAUC offers ISPs powerful and flexible platforms to manage multiple devices for
connected homes, such as dynamic service provisioning, zero-touch firmware
upgrading and remote troubleshooting and mesh WiFi diagnostics.

Internet TypeFTTP, HFC, FTTC, FTTR, Fixed Wireless
Wi Fi TechnologyWi-Fi 6
IEEE 802.11a/n/ac/ax 5 GHz
IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ax 2.4 GHz
Ports3× Gigabit Ports
1 Port supports WAN/LAN auto-sensing
WiFi TransmissionDual-Band Wi-Fi 6, Anti-interference,
theoretical speed is up to 1800 Mbps
(2.4GHz: 574Mbps, 5GHz: 1201Mbps)
Applicable plan25/5M Boost, 50/20M Boost Plus, 100/20M Superfast, 250/25M Rocket, 1000/50M Lightning
CoverageProvides whole-home Wi-Fi coverage with standard mesh technology
Recommended Connected DevicesCan support up to 50 devices
Ideal forFast and smooth 4K HD video streaming, gaming, small to medium homes and offices