Understanding NBN’s New Price Changes: What You Need to Know

Understanding NBN’s New Price Changes: What You Need to Know
NBN's New Plan Proposal
Published on: 06-06-2024



The National Broadband Network (NBN), which operates Australia's broadband network, has recently announced upcoming changes to their wholesale price list for FY25 and a three-year pricing road map for FY25-FY27.

With a commitment to transforming Australia's internet landscape, NBN Co is working to bring high-speed connectivity to every corner of the country and revolutionise how residents and businesses access the digital world.
Hence, this update is crucial for both existing and potential customers to understand how these changes might affect their internet plans and overall connectivity experience.


What is Changing?

The price adjustments reflect increased input costs and the need for ongoing investment in network upgrades. These investments will enable NBN to deliver faster speeds, greater data capacity, and more reliable services.


The Key Points:

Three-Year Road Map: NBN showcased the three-year pricing road map published by NBN Co in November 2023, ensuring transparency for future changes and keeping retailers and customers informed.

FY25 Price List: The new prices align with the previously published road map, with an average wholesale price increase of approximately 4.1%, accounting for inflation and rising material costs. This NBN wholesale price list for FY25 will take effect from 01st Jul 2024.


Impact on Customers

NBN is in the process of encouraging customers to review their current plans to ensure they still meet their needs. With over 120 internet retailers offering a range of plans, there is an option for every budget and requirement.

NBN's Chief Customer Officer, Anna Perrin, highlighted that these changes are necessary to keep up with the growing data usage and the increasing number of connected devices in households. The investments will help maintain a future-ready network capable of supporting new technological advancements.


Occom's Viewpoint

While price changes occur at the wholesale level (between NBN Co and internet retailers), there's a chance it might affect your internet plan in the following ways:

  • Potential Price Adjustments: Occom will make adjustments to your plan price according to the specific price changes for your current tier, ensuring a stable update.
  • Future Possibilities: As part of this update, Occom is committed to continuous improvements and is actively exploring the possibilities to bring the best that better meets the needs of its users.



While any price increase can be concerning, these adjustments are aimed at ensuring continued investment in the network to provide better and faster services throughout Australia. By staying informed and proactive, customers can make the best choices for their internet needs.

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