Ultrafast Occom Internet Express to Supercharge Your Enterprise

A dedicated business network solution at the lowest cost

A business network is quite different from a home network and it can be very different from the network of another business.
  • A small business may need a simple network for the ordering system and for customers.

  • An office may demand fast, reliable Internet as well as a voice system for uninterrupted communications with suppliers and customers.

  • A large enterprise may require a more complex network, for example, a private connection from one site to another.

Occom Internet Express offers you a dedicated business network solution, tailoring the network to meet your business needs.

Ranging from 250/250 Mbps to 1000/1000 Mbps, no matter you are running a small business or managing a large enterprise, you will find the bandwidth that best suits your business operation. The uncontended, symmetrical bandwidth with unlimited data and 99.95% uptime guarantee delivers a highly reliable Internet experience for you and your customers. We also provide various dedicated business network services, including static IP, SIP voice, private network etc, to support your fast-growing enterprise.

Having fast and reliable Internet is one thing, but the cost should also be a concern. Occom Internet Express is the most cost-effective enterprise-grade business network product in the market, letting every cent invested makes a profit.

Power your enterprise with a dedicated, high-performance network

A high-performance network improves the Internet experience and the productivity of your business. Connection type, bandwidth, and contention ratio are all critical factors that affect the performance of your enterprise network.

The end-to-end connection via high-performance fibre enables ultrafast speed to satisfy all your business internet requirements.

Here you will have all the bandwidth you need, up to 1000/1000 Mbps symmetric speed with unlimited data, delivering undisturbed video conferencing and seamless cloud experience.

As a premium, enterprise-grade product, Occom Internet Express offers committed bandwidth at a 1:1 contention ratio. That is, your 1000 Mbps is always 1000 Mbps, regardless of how many other subscribers are using the Internet at the same time. No sharing and no congestion, it is all yours.


A highly reliable network keeps your business connected


Network reliability is vital to every business. The consequence of downtime could be catastrophic, especially for businesses that heavily rely on the Internet for communications and cloud services.

Occom Internet Express guarantees you 99.95% uptime and provides a comprehensive set of downtime management strategies to ensure your business network continuity. We offer various service level agreement packages, restoring your network back to service in an instant, and compensate you with rebates on downtime.

Our network engineers, business consultants, and account managers are always on standby, giving you local expert support.

An Enterprise Network is a Matter of Performance and Reliability.

The Most Cost Effective Enterprise-Grade Network

The fast, reliable, and scalable enterprise network at the lowest cost turns every cent you invest a profit.

End-to-End Connection with 1:1 Contention Rate

The dedicated connection delivers committed bandwidth straight to your workplace. No sharing, no congestion, it is all yours.

Up to 1000/1000 Mbps Symmetrical Speed

A symmetrical speed of up to 1000 Mbps brings a high scalability to meet the increasing bandwidth demand of your fast-growing enterprise.

Unlimited Data

No excess charge, no speed cap. Feed your data-hungry applications with infinite data at full speed all the way through.

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

High reliability keeps your busines connected. 99.95% uptime makes your Internet trustworthy.

Dedicated Business Solutions

Static IP Address, SIP voice, private network, etc, an enterprise network is more than performance and reliability. Our network is tailored to meet your business needs.

4.9/5 Top-Rated ISP

Devoted to provide the best service to our clients, we are proud of and grateful for receiving the highest ratings of all ISPs in Australia, with 4.9/5 stars on Google.

Local Support from Network Experts

Occom is 100% Australian owned, and our network engineers, business consultants and account managers are all locally based. You will get support from our expert team whenever you need it.

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Five-Star Rating Speaks for Itself!
Based on 7677 reviews
Based on 7677 reviews
Yemin Tang
Yemin Tang
06:07 14 May 24
I recently had the pleasure of receiving customer service from Jim at Occom, and I am thoroughly impressed. Jim's service was exceptional. He responded to my inquiries promptly and provided detailed answers to all my questions. His timely responses were crucial in resolving my issue efficiently. Jim was not only professional but also very friendly, making the entire experience smooth and stress-free. I am incredibly grateful for his assistance and highly recommend Occom's customer service, especially Jim. Thank you for the outstanding support!
09:14 07 May 24
I had a wonderful experience speaking with Tom over WeChat. He was professional, patient and efficient. His detailed information helps me connect internet in my apartment very quickly. Highly recommend!
Winnie Cen
Winnie Cen
11:15 05 May 24
As a nontechnical women, Liz help me to install my new apartment internet step by step. He is very patient and careful, I am so thankful with him.
Will Lanting
Will Lanting
22:27 28 Apr 24
Moving into my new apartment I had to upgrade the Internet router to comply with my subscription. We had lots of difficulties getting the new router online, but we had amazing and patient service from the Occom Team. Naresh in particular was fantastic help and spent several hours going through all the steps until we managed to solved the issue. It was amazing service. Highly recommend..
Zewei Cui
Zewei Cui
07:31 18 Apr 24
Outstanding service! Liz from the customer support team was incredibly helpful in setting up my network. She was patient, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to ensure everything was running smoothly. I’m thoroughly impressed with her professionalism and efficiency. Highly recommend Liz to anyone needing tech support!
Walid Chalabi
Walid Chalabi
01:33 17 Apr 24
Thanks a lot Amy, very helpful and patient she spent the whole morning trying to fix my router issue .. Well done. Keep it up you’re doing an amazing job! Cheers Walid
razieh bahraminezhad
razieh bahraminezhad
01:04 17 Apr 24
I had a wonderful experience speaking with Anshul over the phone. He was not only professional and efficient but also genuinely caring and attentive to my needs. His assistance made a significant difference, and I am thoroughly impressed by his expertise and the quality of service provided. Highly recommend!
Ning Ma
Ning Ma
06:16 16 Apr 24
OCCOM is truly exceptional! Their convenience is unbeatable - from easy signup to seamless connectivity, it's a breeze. Pricing is fair and transparent, offering great value for money. And their customer service? Top-notch! Friendly, responsive, and always ready to assist. Five stars all around!
Michelle Bishop
Michelle Bishop
02:28 14 Apr 24
Thanks a million to Michael D who very patiently helped me to set up my BYO modem. He helped me through every step and got it working very quickly. He then also helped me to move it to a different port in the house. Would give him 6 stars if it was possible!
11:45 12 Apr 24
Their product is very easy to use. I was particularly impressed with the customer service representative, Chaney, who responded to my questions patiently and promptly, even at 9:30 PM.

Frequently Asked Questions About nbn™ Plans

  • FTTP – Fibre to the premises utilises fibre optic cable to connect your premises directly to nbn™ from the nearest node. In order for this connection to work, a utility box will be required to be installed outside of your premises in addition to a connection box which is installed inside the premises. FTTP is the best nbn™ connection type of technology which is more consistent in its delivery of ultrafast internet speed. You will need to connect a router into Network Termination Device (NTD) to access Internet service.
  • FTTN – Fibre to the Node utilises fibre optic cable to the nearest node to your premises. The signal from the optic fibre cable then travels down through existing copper lines to the primary telephone wall socket. A VDSL 2 compatible modem router is required for this type of connection to work.
  • FTTB – Fibre to the Building utilises fibre optic cable all the way to a shared point in the building’s communications room. From there, the connection travels along the existing copper lines to each customer. In order for this type of connection to function a VDSL 2 compatible modem router is required.
  • FTTC – Fibre to the Curb is the newest technology available in which it is capable of bringing optic fibre cables almost all the way to your premises. The connection then travels through existing copper cables into the home for quick and stable internet. A nbn™ connection device, short for NCD, is then set up within the premises and then connected to the primary telephone wall socket. You will need to connect a router into nbn™ NCD to access Internet service.
  • HFC – Hybrid Fibre Coaxial is utilised where there is an existing cable network can be used to make the final part of the connection. Similarly, with FTTN and FTTB, fibre optic cable is connected to a nearby node. A coaxial cable is then used to connect to a nbn™ device which is installed inside the customer’s premises. You will need to connect a router into nbn™ HFC NTD to access Internet service.

For more information on nbn™ speeds see here.

Occom provides a variety of different speed tiers for nbn™ broadband access. Different broadband plans has different maximum download speeds varying from 12 Megabits per second (Mbps), 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 250 Mbps. Occom is one of the few best nbn™ providers who can provide up to 250mbps with our rocket plan. Customers are able to choose between these plans depending on their speed preference. Contact us today for professional advice and assistance.
The Network Termination Device (NTD), also known as nbn™ connection box is required to be installed to connect to the nbn™ network. NBNCo installs the device inside your home which then connects to your Occom WiFi modem. The nbn connection box takes the data transmitted from fibre optic cables and converts it to electronic signals that your router can use. In the case of nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) networks, one NTD can support more than one active internet service. On the day of connection, contact our support team to assure that your connection box is activated and working.
Available appointment windows vary depending on the availability of nbn™ technician in your area. Appointment times can either 8am to 12 noon or 1pm to 5pm in the afternoon. nbn™ technician may call you when they are on their way. Please ensure that you are available for the full appointment time slot. Please also ensure:
  • the landlord or authorised representative of your account is on site and available to ensure during installing, all the equipment is installed where you want
  • the access to all work areas (including any required access permits). This includes all server and communications rooms for your residence/business (if there is any) in order for the installation.
The New Development Charge is a fee implemented in 2016 which charges all connections made in areas that the fibre infrastructure provider (e.g. nbn™) have identified as within the boundary of a new development. The implementation of this fee was a decision was made by the Australian government to shift partial cost of the fibre infrastructure onto “the parties that use or benefit from them”. All service providers will charge this fee on behalf of nbn™ when the internet service is activated.
Occom is a top-rated nbn™ service provider in Australia, receiving 4.9/5 stars from 1000+ Google reviews. Occom has sufficient bandwidth and smart internet routing to ensure the quality of service we promise. On top of that, Occom has affordable plans in addition to a selection of hand-picked modems from the world’s best brands. Our customer service team will also be glad to help customers who wish to BYO with configuring their own modems. We are proud of our fantastic customer reviews, and strive to provide the services and customer support to meet the highest standards. Get Faster, Get Occom! Faster Responses, Faster Setup, Faster Internet Speeds and Faster Troubleshooting.