Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support from OCCOM

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support from OCCOM
Published on: 12-07-2020

Dear Valued Customer,

As entering a period of unprecedented uncertainty and crisis brought by the COVID-19, we want to let you know that OCCOM stands behind you, and will get through this hard time together with you. OCCOM always puts customers and staff’s safety at the highest priority.

We understand that the demands on Internet service is more than ever, as people increasingly begin working and studying from home, or self-isolating. At the same time, we will try our best to keep you connected, and provide you peace in mind.

Support to customers

We are taking a number of actions to support the rapidly increasing of requirements on our Internet service during this special time, including:

  • Cooperating with NBNCo and other upstream suppliers to provide customer more bandwidth without any extra charge
  • Optimising routing to online classrooms and remote conference platforms
  • Special support on upgrading to a higher speed plan or higher level Wifi router
  • Support customers through video call and remote desktop
  • Free extra Cat5 cables

Customers who are facing difficulties to make payment in time due to impact from the Coronavirus can apply to extend the payment due day. OCCOM will waive related fees such as late payment fee.

If some customers, especially international students, cannot come back to Australia in time, or have to leave Australia for a period, we have special consideration to reduce or waive the early termination fee.

As all our fibre plans provide unlimited data, you don’t have to worry about the data usage. Due to rapidly increasing demand to Internet, in order to guarantee your and other customers’ experience of high priority services (such as online working, conference and learning), we recommend you to limit the use of streaming service during peak hours. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

You will be able to find more details about these actions from our website. You are also more than welcome to speak with our team to get more support and advice.

Support OCCOM team:


OCCOM team will continue to provide 365-day-a-year support through multi platforms, including LiveChat, Telephone, WeChat, Messenger, Email and Text message, just as what we have always been doing, to ensure you can easily get support from us.


To minimise the risk of cross-infection in public transportation and office areas, we have requested most of our staff to work from home since this week.

Personal protective stuff including surgical mask, disinfectant, hand sanitiser and some common medicines have been arranged for all staff.

Deep cleaning and sterilization have been conducted in all our offices in different states by the building management.

We hope to ensure all our staff remain safe and keep supporting our customers.


Impact to our service:

However, due to some reasons beyond our control and predictions,

our service level may still be impacted, such as:

  • Router delivery may be delayed due to couriers cannot work as usual
  • Onsite support may cannot be arranged, just for your and our staff’s safety consideration
  • Service activation, fault investigation and troubleshooting may be delayed, because NBNCo and our other upstream suppliers may also have arrangement of work from home


We highly appreciate your understanding and consideration in the special period.

We reassure you of our support at this time. OCCOM team endeavours to provide fast and stable Internet service, and get through this special period together with our customers!

Best wishes,


OCCOMOptical Communication Expert

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