How to do a speed test?

How to do a speed test?

Step 1 – Turn off your computer’s WiFi

You can follow below guide to learn how to turn off WiFi under various operating systems:
• Windows –
• macOS –

Step 2 – Connect computer/laptop to your modem/router

Connect your computer/laptop from its Ethernet port directly to any of the LAN ports on the back of your modem/router using an Ethernet cable.

Step 3 – Once your computer/laptop is connected, please perform the following:

• Close all programs that may consume data on your device
• Disconnect all other devices that connect to your modem/router
• Visit on any web browser
• Make sure you have selected “Telstra – Sydney” as the testing server and click “Begin Test” to start

Step 4 – Take full screenshot of the test results and reply back to us

To help best analyse the issue, please perform the above routine 1-2 times during peak time (6PM – 12AM) and 1-2 times during off peak time.

Once you have obtained the speed test results, you can simply reply this email or send to, our team will further diagnose the case for you.