NBN Co installs 33 hybrid power cube backup systems in South Eastern Queensland

NBN Co installs 33 hybrid power cube backup systems in South Eastern Queensland
Published on: 26-07-2023

NBN Co has completed a $4.4 million project to install 33 hybrid power cubes to improve the resilience of the NBN in disaster-prone areas of Queensland.

The newly installed cubes power NBN fixed wireless towers using a combination of solar powers, a battery and a diesel generator to ensure uninterrupted power supply during emergencies.

The cubes were installed across the Gympie, Whitsunday, Fraser Coast, North Bur-nett and Bundaberg Regional Councils using grant funding provided under the $390.9 million Black Summer Bushβire Recovery Grants Program, which was created by the federal government with the support of the National Emergency Management Agency in the wake of the devastating 2019-20 bushfires.

NBN Co received an $805,202 grant to implement the NBN Bushβire Resilient HPC Project within the Fraser Coast council area, $1.34 million in the Bundaberg area, $134,200 in the North Burnett council area, $671,000 in the Whitsunday area, and $1.47 million in the Gympie area. No grants were awarded for the project outside of Queensland, despite the grants program also covering NSW, the ACT, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.

Communications minister Michelle Rowland said the program has helped bolster sustainable and reliable communications across south eastern Queensland ahead of the next bushβire season. The work complements government projects to improve communications resilience including the $50 million Telecommunications Disaster Resilience Program, which is expected to launch its first round shortly, as well as the recent Strengthening Telecommunications Against Natural Disasters programs.

“We know how important connectivity is for homes, businesses and communities –and never more so than in times of natural disaster. Access to reliable communications can be the difference between life and death,” she said. “It’s fantastic to see the deployment of these innovative Hybrid Power Cubes across Queensland to help keep communities connected and informed when they need it most.”

Dylan Bushell-Embling
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