What is Hybrid Fibre Coaxial-HFC

What is Hybrid Fibre Coaxial-HFC
What is Hybrid Fibre Coaxial-HFC

HFC called 'Hybrid Fibre Coaxial', is a network technology of NBN which is used in many areas. This connection works in the premises where an existing cable network (which was to provide cable broadband internet service and pay-TV) will be used to get the final connection to complete NBN access. A coaxial cable is then used to connect to an NBN device which is installed inside the customer's premises.


The fiber cable and cable line/ coaxial cable is being connected to the NBN connection box outside the house with connects to the TV line inside the home. To get the service started at home, that TV line must be connected to the box inside the home which is called HFC Network Terminal. You will need to connect a router to NBN HFC NTD to access the internet service.

How fast is HFC NBN?

HFC NBN is providing internet speed up to 1000Mbps downloads and 50Mbps upload, it depends on the number of factors which includes provider, location, equipment's of network and quality if existing cable. Occom offers a range of nbn™ speeds in Australia. Check out our full range of nbn™ plans to see what suits your needs

NBN HFC Internet Structure:


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