Nation-wide Telstra outage takes down Internet for millions

Nation-wide Telstra outage takes down Internet for millions
Published on: 03-08-2020

Australia's largest Internet provider Telstra is suffering a nationwide outage, crippling the Internet of Australians.

Telstra's home broadband including NBN services are affected by the outage which has been reported widely on social media.

Telstra says they are aware of the problem and are working to resolve it.

"Our team is looking into an issue impacting some home internet connections including NBN. We'll keep you posted as we get on top of it. Sorry to mess with your Sunday plans."

The outage comes at a terrible time for those Victorians stuck at home during the lockdown as COVID-19 cases escalate there, with many relying on home internet for both communication and entertainment with friends and family.

Many expert users have reported the outage relates to Telstra's DNS servers.

The DNS - or Domain Name System, is the process of converting the "names" we use on the internet - like - to the actual computer addresses of the websites or services.

Without this, your computer and devices simply can't connect to the required service.

For the tech savvy, it is possible to manually override Telstra's DNS by choosing an open DNS service.

This can be done on the modem, or on individual devices, but does require some limited technical knowledge to complete.

Those willing to make the change should use the Primary DNS of and the Secondary DNS of to bypass Telstra's servers.

Some guidance for this can be found online, however those uncomfortable making this change should await Telstra's own fix for the problem.



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