Static IP

Static IP
Published on: 10-05-2021

Static IP

To understand what Static IP is, first we need to know what IP address is. It is a unique address given by TCP/IP network for every device. It can identify various network devices and communicate with each other.

What is Static IP?

The word static means stable, and a static IP address is simply an address that remains unchanged. It is associated with the non-changing internet address, which can be assigned to a particular device. Once a static IP address is assigned to a device, it will not be changed until the network setting changes. The servers or other vital equipment generally use static IP. A static IP is helpful for residential customers or businesses for the following purposes:

  • Host a web, mail, or FTP server
  • Access a corporate network remotely
  • Host a webcam for video streaming

Static IP addresses are assigned by the Internet service provider (ISP). There are many advantages of getting a Static IP:

  • Better DNS support: Static IPs are easier to set up and managed by DNS servers.
  • More reliable communication:It is more convenient to use voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for teleconferencing and video communications.

There are some disadvantages as well:

  • Hackable: Hackers can quickly attack your server as they know the server on the internet, as the IP is fixed.
  • Extra work: Each static IP must be manually configured.
Why do we provide CGNAT?

Carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT) used by internet service providers is to share a single unique public IP address with multiple users. It allows them to access the internet without any interruption. Internet is more secure under CGNAT. We all know the IPv4 address is running out, and planning to move to the IPv6 address. To make maximum use of available IPv4, OCCOM has decided to use the CGNAT to have the most negligible impact on most OCCOM clients. Currently, OCCOM adopts CGNAT to share unique public IPv4 addresses deployed to multiple customers and try to make use of the available IP address within the network.

How to get static IP from OCCOM?

We charge $10 per month for customers who require static IP addresses. Our business and residential customers can request to change to a non-changing IP address. These static IP addresses are best practicable for the customers who run their servers, such as email servers, file servers, or home utilities and systems. These services require an unchanged IP address that does not change.

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