NBN Co Shortens Customer Notification Time for FTTC-P Upgrade Projects

NBN Co Shortens Customer Notification Time for FTTC-P Upgrade Projects
Published on: 12-05-2023

NBN Co has announced a significant change to its FTTP upgrade projects within the FTTC coverage area. Instead of giving users advance notice of five working days, users will now receive a minimum of one business day's advance notice prior to the initiation of any upgrade works.

This new approach aims to enhance the overall efficiency and responsiveness of the NBN Co's upgrade process. The company can streamline its operations and potentially complete the upgrades more quickly by cutting down the length of its notice period to one day only. This will benefit customers by providing them with faster access to improved Internet services and an overall better experience.

Despite the reduced notice period, NBN Co has assured customers that all necessary precautions will be taken to minimize disruptions during the upgrade process. The company will continue to work closely with local communities, ensuring that residents and businesses are well-informed about the upgrade schedule and any potential impacts on their services.

The notification update will be implemented come the 1st of June. This upgrade is right now in progress as a part of NBN Co's on-demand fibre initiative, in which residents within the FTTC area have the opportunity to upgrade to a full-fibre by choosing either a 250Mbps plan or a higher-speed unlimited nbn internet plans exceeding 250Mbps.

A spokesperson from NBN Co has stated that at the moment, the company offers end users a minimum of 5 weekdays notice period prior to any scheduled downtime resulting from the upgrade of FTTC to FTTP connections.

Furthermore, he added that occasionally, giving early notice of potential service disruptions has resulted in confusion and redundancy of our tasks, particularly when informing end users about looming outages.

According to an NBN Co spokesperson, "These issues may arise due to unforeseen circumstances, such as inclement weather or imposed restrictions. Consequently, we are often compelled to disseminate additional notifications, not only to defer the initially planned maintenance but also to reschedule it for a later date."

In the words of an NBN Co spokesperson, "We're able to reduce the chance of these circumstances happening, providing assurance to customers and our employees regarding scheduled maintenance, leading to an effective delivery timetable."

The spokesperson further stated that the real downtime for upgrading an FTTC user to FTTP is roughly 15 minutes. This also impacts neighbours connected to the same distribution point unit (DPU) on the street, as NBN Co utilises DPUs that can accommodate 4, 8, or 16 properties. However, the spokesperson mentioned this would "only occur once per DPU."

"Should other users on the DPU want to upgrade to FTTP later on, no outage would be necessary as long as it's a standard upgrade," the spokesperson further explained.

Overall, this change to the fibre upgrade process demonstrates NBN Co's commitment to delivering better Internet services to Australians more quickly and efficiently. By streamlining the upgrade process and responding to customer feedback, the company hopes to provide a more satisfactory experience for users as it continues to improve the nation's broadband infrastructure.

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