How to setup WI-FI at home?

How to setup WI-FI at home?
Published on: 25-06-2021

There are several methods you can adopt in order to get these wireless services at your home and most of them depend on availability and geographical location. If you have the access to a wired internet service, you will be able to set up your own WiFi at home.

This can be done by connecting a router to your modem which enables you to share your internet connection with all the wifi enabled  devices within a given range. In case you have a two storied home or a relatively larger area to cover, it is advised to have a wifi extender or a mesh router system to cover the whole premises. It is also important to know as the number of devices increase so does the demand for bandwidth. To have your devices running at its full potential you may need to upgrade your internet plan accordingly. Occom offers a wide range of best NBN/OptiComm internet plans with speeds up to 1Gbps, to find out more, please visit:

Wi-fi at home

Have you ever considered how exactly emails or a streaming video gets into your device so seamlessly and in real time? Well that’s Wi-Fi in action. I’m going to tell what it is and how we can set up this system at home.

Wi-Fi router uses radio frequency to send signals between devices. The two Wi-Fi frequency bands are 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Taken the case of home Wi-Fi systems, it is the radio signals which are sent from a wireless router to a nearby device, which are then translated to data that we see and use. It is a much easier way of connecting to the fibre internet via Wi-Fi rather than having to connect by cables as used by a generation before.

WIFI setup

Setting up Wi-fi at home
Please follow these steps if you haven’t set up home WiFi system yet.
Find the best location to set up a router
The optimal location is the central location of the premises, free from any obstructions. It is also important not to place a router close to windows or a microwave. If you have large area to cover then it is recommended to use a mesh router system which can extend the range of connectivity to the whole premises.
Buy a wireless router
Perhaps this is the first step which you will have to consider while setting up a home Wifi system, you can use an existing router if you have got one. Occom is able to provide you with preconfigured router, which you can just plug in and use.
Connect router to internet via Network Termination Device(NTD)
Power off the NTD first. Once turned off plug an ethernet cable into the router WAN port and connect the other end of Ethernet cable to the Network Termination Device’s LAN port. Connect both the devices to power and wait for them to boot up.
Configure your Wifi network
Now that you have the connection ready, its time to configure the network. This process may be different according to the device you are using. This can be done by connecting your device to the router’s LAN port with the Ethernet cable. Login to the managemnet web page of the router and this can be done by typing the IP address of the router (default gateway) on a web browser. Once login the configuration page:
  • Choose “Advanced settings” option.
  • Go to network and choose WAN on the left side of the page.
  • Now change the WAN connection type to PPPoE.
  • Enter the PPPoE username and password as provided by your internet service provider.
  • Save the details.
Now the router will connect to the internet. Check the status and if it shows any IP address, the connection is established.
Under the option wireless settings you will see a field labled SSID, enter the name for your network here. This is what devices see when scanning for WiFi.
Choose a security method from the list of available options, it is recommended to choose WAP2 as encryption method, the most recent and effective encryption type. It protects your network from hackers and intruders. Once the encryption method is selected enter the passphrase and save the changes.

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