How to Hook Up Internet in New Home | LBN Providers Sydney | Occom LBNCo Fibre

How to Hook Up Internet in New Home | LBN Providers Sydney | Occom LBNCo Fibre
Published on: 01-03-2022

It is undeniable that Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia. It has stunning architecture, world-renowned restaurants, wide-open green spaces, family-friendly places and many more locations of interest. A perfect city for travel, sightseeing, habitation, and work.

If you are moving to Sydney, don't forget to do a little homework and get ready to set up internet at your new home. Look forward to Netflix movie nights with the family and working remotely from your cosy screened-in patio.

New House Internet Connection

LBNCo is an independent wholesaler of solutions to Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network and a provider of fibre broadband infrastructure for selected new developments, retirement living communities and residences.

There are quite a few Internet service providers (ISP) offering internet plans on the LBN network. Some providers might only operate in certain states, while others, like Occom pty ltd, are available Australia-wide.

In order to see which LBN plans are available at your new home, you will need to search your address on the providers' websites to see these plans, since these plans are not available on the LBNCo website. But is there any way you can make things easier and faster? Of course!Talk to Occom online support.

As one of the best LBNCo providers in Sydney, Occom offers an easy one-stop guide & service when you are looking for a new internet service at a great value. Check us out!

How to Connect with Occom | Step-by-step Guide

Let's start by checking your address

The simplest way is to call 1300 200 999 or contact Occom support team on our LiveChat, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. Use whichever way you are comfortable with since we are always responsive, no matter which platform you go through.

There is no need to wait a long time for just a yes or no over the phone. No need to call back several times ever again.

Many Internet service providers have replaced online support with chatbots and cut off phone support. It's time consuming when you are looking for help and it's torturous to wait for a response from these ISPs.

I. If your address already has pre-installed routers by Occom:

a. Find your perfect plan.

b. Choose your length of contract.

c. Register your details.

d. Service activation email received.

Connect to the pre-installed router using the WiFi username on it.

II. If there is no pre-installed router at your address.

a. Find your perfect plan.

b. Choose your length of contract.

c. Choose a router.

d. Register our details.

e. If you need a modem/router from Occom: After receiving a service activation email and the new router by mail, please follow instructions in the email and connect to the device.

f. If you have your own modem/router already: Please follow instructions in the service activation email, set up the router and get connected. How to connect own modem/router to occom.

Why Occom Internet?
  • Word of mouth
  • Barrier-free service
  • Instant setup
  • Responsive Professional support
  • Great value
Word of Mouth - Occom Product Review

The Best Aussie Internet? Our customers think so! Occom is one of the best, especially when it comes to lbn provider reviews.

Occom Google reviews

As one of the top-rated LBNCo Internet Service Providers in Australia, Occom is already rated as high as 4.8 stars out of 5 in the 2,100+ reviews from users on Google Review. And these honest and objective reviews are still growing.

Apart from LBN fibre, Occom is in strong partnership with major network providers, as well as having one of the most complete fibre coverages in Australia. We ensure high peak-time performance, day and night.

Barrier-Free Service

Smooth online communication is secured.

  • Occom hotline
  • Occom live chat
  • Online service on multi-platforms
  • Professional team, personal support
  • Multilingual & responsive

Call 1300 200 999 and talk to one of our knowledgeable team members. Find your answer with the least time spent.

Choose the way you like, LiveChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, WeChat, etc. and easily connect to Occom support team. Occom can assist you to choose the suitable internet plans at your new home within minutes.

Real LiveChat. Communicating with a "smart" AI online is not always as effective as you expected. We are well aware of the absurdity when you are looking for an answer to a specific question but have to speak to a robot. Therefore, Occom offers a real one-on-one online chat experience smoothly operated by our professional team members.

Also, Occom offers multilingual customer services. There'd be no problem with using the languages (i.e. English/Mandarin/Cantonese, etc.) you are comfortable with when looking for new internet plans with Occom. We're ready to help.

Instant Setup

Your fibre service is generally activated within 24 hours by Occom.

Pre-installation. A large proportion of new routers in buildings within Occom's scope of service areas are already pre-installed. So as soon as we are connected, in most cases, Occom can help you finish the registration of your internet service and you are able to enjoy your new internet plan of LBNCo service WITHIN 24 HOURS. There would be no need to wait for a time-consuming parcel post of a router before you could finally configure one on your own.

Occom routers haven't been pre-installed? Don't worry, the activation time of Internet services through Occom is also faster than other Internet service providers in Sydney.

That's Instant setup and Occom speed.

Responsive Problem Solver

We're here to help, before and after your payment.

Occom has a professional customer support team that ensures timely assistance, especially when unexpected network failures occur. Beyond that, real-time communication through multiple channels is available, which can make the troubleshooting progress much easier and more efficient.

Why does Occom respond faster than others?

Reliable support on multiple channels. It is easy to have Occom informed, and Occom reacts faster than other ISPs, especially when troubleshooting network connection issues. For instance, just by sending a picture of the device, Occom professional team members can figure out the problem and help resolve the issue. That's also why there are so many positive reviews about Occom.

There would be no need to wait for a delayed email response or worry that there is no one to turn to because it's already out of customer service.

Bonus. In major cities like Sydney, Occom can offer onsite support service to troubleshoot and reconnect your internet. Just in case something happens and you don't know why or how.

Great Value

Occom strives to ensure the best web experience at a great value. We invest heavily to ensure a quality-controlled, high-speed network and offer lots of exclusive services i.e. $20 OFF for the first 6 months, no lock-in contract, FREE activation, etc.

Time saving and effort saving. With Occom's local trusted experts and exceptional customer care, your experience is guaranteed.


In short, when you are in need of internet service for your new residence in Sydney, you can always rely on the barrier-free, speedy and responsive service from Occom. Follow us on our social media and enjoy the best internet service at great values.

Start smooth communication with Occom and check out the latest promos and best prices for your Internet plan 2022.

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Occom is an Internet service provider dedicated to delivering faster fibre and mobile services and faster support. Occom has been praised by tens of thousands of satisfied residents and businesses, and our products have attained commendation from industry experts. As one of the fastest growing telcos endorsed by top global and Australian financial media, Occom has set the bar for exceeding Aussies’ expectations towards customer service. Occom’s young, passionate and professional team will keep on pushing the boundary for what is possible in the future.

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