Promotion – Upgrade Your Plan

Upgrade your plan, save up to $125 in 6 months!

  1. Promotion Duration: From now until July 31, 2021
  2. Promotion Carriers: OptiComm, LBN and OPENetworks 
  3. Promotion Code: P21MOT
  4. Promotion Plans: 

    Only for OptiComm, LBNCo and OPENetworks and it is not suitable for other products such as NBNCo. 

  5. How to apply for the promotion?
  1. How to receive the reward?
    • Valid only after 3 months of signing up 12/25M OptiComm/LBNCo/OPENetworks fibre plan. 
    • Discounted price for 6 months after service upgrade, then original price ongoing. 
    • No downgrade, cancel or relocate within 6 months from the date of completion of the upgrade, otherwise the discounted monthly fee will be clawback.
    • 6-month minimum term required.
    • The promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other offers. 
    • Occom reserves the right of all final interpretations. 
    • Time limited offer, ends 31/07/2021.