NBN prices to fall after provider wraps talks with telcos

Prices for the fastest NBN plans should fall after Australia’s wholesale broadband provider NBN finished months of consultation with the country’s telecommunications companies.
Internet plans in Australia on the NBN are split into several “Speed Tiers” with consumers able to choose from the 12, 25, 50 and 100 plans – with those numbers notionally representing the maximum possible download speed on each.

Telecommunications companies have argued that the pricing for the higher speed plans make it difficult for them to offer value to consumers, and to make money for themselves.

What the new NBN pricing plans will look like?
New speed and pricing plans to be introduced between December 2019 and May 2020 look set to change that.

For those looking for the fastest downloads (on the 100 plan), a new “100/20” plan will be introduced.

This plan has half the upload speed but should come at a price 10 percent cheaper than the current 100 plan that is offered

Upload speeds are important for business users and those who share large files, documents or videos.

Reducing the upload speed won’t affect the vast majority of users, however it will likely be poorly received by those who value higher speeds no matter what their usage.

Phil Britt, Managing Director at Aussie Broadband told 9News “We see the new wholesale pricing from NBN as really good news for consumers – we believe it will lead to lower prices for some of the new high speed plans, and enough bandwidth that internet service providers should be able to avoid any evening slowdown from congestion.”

A telco company expressed: “Ultimately these changes in wholesale pricing from NBN will allow us to pass on better products and services to our customers.

It is positive to see NBN put plans in place to assist RSPs (Telcos) in keeping up with the ever increase consumer demand for bandwidth.

From: https://www.9news.com.au/national/nbn-internet-pricing-plan-optus-vodafone-telstra/357e2d49-5b22-4dbd-9f0d-a3e4f232383c

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